Saljol Page Indoor Rollator Anthracite Frame Small

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The Saljol indoor rollator is a stable indoor rollator which can be used as a mobile handrail or to manoeuvre around the home while walking or seated. Thanks to its swivel wheels the rollator can move closely around you and give support in every indoor situation. With the available accessories it can be adjusted to your needs and can become a serving trolley or a bedside table. The standard version of this indoor rollator includes a seat which can be removed if not needed or simply folded up.


  • Maximum stability: Prevents falling at home
  • Many accessories: Customize your rollator to your needs
  • Very narrow: Suitable for very small apartments
  • Manoeuvrable in seated position: Push yourself around the apartment while seated
  • Replaces toilet frames or handles on the wall


  • Rollator weight: 9,3kg
  • Maximum weight capacity: 150kg
  • User height: 1,35 – 1,65m
  • Seat height: 52cm
  • Handle height: 80cm
  • Largest width bottom (wheel): 56cm.
  • Largest width top (handles): 51cm.
  • Distance between handles: 43cm.
SKU: 4058789007754

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