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The Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Adjustable Raisers are designed for raising chairs and beds that have legs. This Chair Raiser can increase heights 5cm, 7.5cm or 10cm.


  • Designed for raising chairs and beds with legs
  • Built in height adjustment, using insert blocks supplied with the raising unit
  • Chair raise heights: 5cm (2″), 7.5cm (3″), 10cm (4″)
  • Bed raise heights: 6.3cm (2½”), 8.8cm (3½”), 11.3cm (4½”)
  • Maximum chair dimensions: 78.5cm (31″) x 68.5cm (27″)
  • Maximum double bed width dimensions: 91.4cm (36″) to 146cm (57½”)
  • Maximum single bed width dimensions: 61cm (24″) to 89cm (35″)
  • Weight capacity 500kg (78st) (including furniture)
SKU: GE003

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