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Leaving a Great Review

Leave a good review on www.simplelifemobility.co.uk and help readers in making a choice. In order to create a good quality review, it’s imperative to ensure that your comments are helpful. You can do this by keeping in mind some points

Write in detail but without straying off the main subject. Leave relevant photos if you have them. You must be explicit in your explanation and should not leave misleading comments. The following can be a helpful guide as to how to create a useful review.

Honest but constructive: A good review can do as much good as a bad review can do harm. Be constructive in your writing while being honest. For example, instead of writing “this item is useless, it failed on the first ride and upon a warranty replacement, the same thing happened”, explain the reader why this item failed and what would make it a better product. An answer like this: this item cracked at the top weld and upon warranty replacement, the same thing happened again. It would be much better if they adjust the angle to release pressure", would explain readers the reason behind this negative review. Your opinion will thus acquire credibility.

Avoid statements that might make your review eligible for rejection. Avoid the following:

  • Don’t mention competitors
  • Don't swear
  • Don’t mention the price as prices may change
  • Don’t review our service but product. Service can be reviewed later on.

Leaving a comment for products on www.simplelifemobility.co.uk is not only helpful for other shoppers but for manufacturers also. This is an ideal platform to let manufacturers know the pros and cons of a product and to provide suggestion for improvement of a product. Manufactures find these comments most useful. Above all else, avoid plagiarism. Remember, your review should contain your views and not of someone else.