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Caring For Your Feet - Sandpiper Advice

As we spend more than 50% of our life wearing shoes, it is obvious that we should spend more time finding and choosing the right footwear for our feet. We expect a lot from our feet - we will walk more than 100,000 mile in our lifetime, so our feet deserve proper attention, and comfortable, well made, soft flexible shoes that give the correct support.

We love shoes - our business has been a family shoe business for over 260 years through 8 generations and we strive for foot comfort. We would like you to benefit from our experience and passion, and hope that instead of finding shoes being a nightmare, we can make it easy for you to find and wear high quality comfortable shoes that really fit!

We also believe that having comfortable feet will make your whole body feel better, and the day go better! We have therefore listed some important points below to help you enjoy more comfortable feet:

  • Change socks or hosiery at least once a day, and choose socks with a high cotton content or wool to allow the foot to breathe naturally and prevent excess sweating.
  • If your shoes have removable insoles, take them out to 'air' at the end of each day to prevent the spread of bacteria, which causes shoes to smell. Wear alternate shoes each day to allow them to dry thoroughly.
  • Shoes should fit properly, with pleanty of room at the front around the toes, and a good snug fit around the ankle and heel. Make sure the shoe is fastened firmly, with your heel tight against the back of the shoe each time you put your shoes on. This will avoid your toes being cramped at the front of the shoe, and the heel slipping as you walk.
  • Make sure you wear the right shoe for the conditions - ie shoes or boots are better than sandals for rough or rocky terrain.
  • Check and trim your toenails regularly. Cut your nails straight across rather than down at the corners, to avoid ingrowing toe nails.
  • Wash your feet regularly, and ensure the foot is dried thoroughly, especially bewteen the toes.
  • Regularly apply a moisturising cream all over your feet, especially if your skin is dry.
  • Take regular exercise to mantain and improve your circulation, then at the end of a busy day, sit with your feet up for 10 minutes to relax your feed and assist the circulation.
  • Remove hard skin using a pumice stone taking care to avoid undue pressure, or more boney areas and joints. Consult a chiropodist or podiatrist for regular foot checks and treatment.
**PLEASE NOTE: This information is provided as a guide only. Advice should be taken from your doctor or foot specialist for specific foot problems and conditons.

Footwear For Difficult Feet

We specialise in shoes for awkward feet, swollen feet, sensitive feet, or just extra wide feet. Even if you are fortunate enough to have fairly average feet, and finding shoes is not a problem, we have shoes for you that will take you to new levels of comfort.

If you are not already enjoying the pleasure of wearing Sandpiper Footwear, we hope to welcome you soon to what we call 'Comfort beyond Compare'.